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Beta-Plus Oat Bran Powder Beta-Plus Oat Bran Powder

Beta-Plus Oat Bran Powder

RM 62.00

Three main elements in Beta-Plus Oat Bran Powder: Oat Bran Powder Oat bran from Finland that contains up to 20% higher strength Beta-Glucan than normal oats. Lecithin Mainly function to: Improve brain activities and memories Repair damage bra..

Family Goody Yogurt Cereal Family Goody Yogurt Cereal

Family Goody Yogurt Cereal

RM 85.00

Family Goody Yogurt Cereal is the first yogurt product in the market which is enriched with up to 10 billion probiotic. It is a nutritional supplement drink rich in probiotics. It is packed with 20 types of mixed grains and 10 different nutritious in..

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